We want to make tools and experiences that give creative freedom.

We want to make tools and experiences that give creative freedom.

CML has been created to foster an ecosystem that provides creators financial opportunities to push their imagination. As artists and makers, the purpose is crucial, and our hope is to help creativity fly and go to unexplored spaces.

We envision an ecosystem that connects explorers, creators, and makers to push reality's bounds by exploring what is possible using science, technology, and human creativity. This vision is bound on the following concepts.

Creating Tools - Partnering with toolmakers to imagine new ways for artists to distribute their work and create new mediums to be explored.

Connect Creators - Help explore new ways for artists to collaborate. Why can't a traditional painter and generative artist work together? Or what about a woodworker and creative technologist?

Educate - Education empowers creativity. Providing creators new information with which they can explore.

Fund Open Source (OS) project - Support OS projects such as Nannou, OpenFrameworks, and Processing. These tools provide artists the medium to let their imaginations abound.

Giving Environment - As CML provides opportunities for artists, any extraneous profits will be reinvested into communities that need them.

Nuts and Bolts

A vision without an action plan is just a dream.


The first iterations will be to partner with key strategic partners to provide some funding for their projects.

Short term (3 months)

  • Partner with creators and find tools/experiences that are interesting to build and start iterating.
  • Build project platform for community

Long term (1 yr)

  • Build and foster a community of artists
  • Build creator fund either through education or monetary to help fund interesting projects

Longer Term (2-5 yrs)

  • Generate creative spaces / generative art exhibits across the globe so that artists can display their work which they will be able to provide to admirers and then also instill a sense of beauty to the rest of the world.

Who we are.

We are a group of humans with a passion for creativity.

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Chris Ried


A data scientist and software engineer. At heart he is a creator, known in the generative art community as @generatcoll on Twitter.