CBayes Labs

A collaborative lab and consulting firm interested in emerging technologies around Web3 and AI.

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We are about...

dreaming novels ways to support creators through emerging technologies by experimentation, community, and conjuring sustainable startups.

Our Process

Research & Development

Starting by researching, and networking by finding new creative problems to solve and understanding the technologies involved in solving the ideas.

Iterative Experimentation

Once finding an interesting subject with potential, we create an MVP for users to experiment with which of the product and start iterating to find product-market fit.

Evaluating and Networking

Once we find some traction in the product, we want to pair founders with opportunities to continue to grow their product.


We are looking to work with startups that are using emerging technologies in creative ways. A few examples are:

Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Deep learning models have created a new interest in the work that has been done. GPT3 and style transfer models have proved very interesting and have been used in photography and video.

Decentralized Databases / Blockchain

NFTs have given creators a new means to monetize their work. However, there are other applications such as community building, ticketing, etc that we want to explore.

AI / Robotics

Using reinforcement learning to pave new paths in creativity can provide fascinating use cases that can help augment the creative process.

iOS / Android Apps

With a phone in everyone's pocket, it gives us an opportunity for many creative usages from AR to content creation.

Open Source Hardware

Creating non-existent devices that influence creativity. Some of these devices can be musical instruments, 3D printers, pen plotters, etc.

Eco Tech

This is a tech sector that has yet to see much interest. But being able to merge creativity and eco-tech together can provide large opportunities for something new.